welcome to sElect

sElect is an on-line voting system enabling votes to remain confidential while providing voters the possibility to verify that their choices have been properly counted.

sElect is designed to be particularly simple and lightweight in terms of its structure, its user experience, and the cryptography it uses.

Despite its simplicity, sElect enjoys a high level of privacy, verifiability, and accountability for low-risk elections.

main features

  • Human Verifiability

    When casting their vote, voters receive a verification code which will appear in the election result along with their choice.

  • Fully Automated Verification

    Cryptographic checks are automatically performed within voters' browsers as soon as they look at the election result, in order to ensure that no component of sElect has dropped or manipulated their ballots.

  • Simple Cryptography and Design

    Unlike other e-voting systems, sElect employs only public key encryption and digital signature, allowing the use of post-quantum cryptographic primitives, if it becomes necessary.